In INTERMODUL we have 3 Self-propelled cranes with a capacity of up to 15 Tons
which we use for assembling and installation.    


Forklifts require versatile equipment, that is why in INTERMODUL we have 5 Forklifts
of different capacities ranging from 2000 to 11000 Lbs. , with LP Gas carburation
equipment and All-terrain tires.  

Gasoline weldingr machine

Due to Labor reasons it is sometimes necessary to work in areas that do not have
electric power. With this problem in mind in INTERMODUL we have a Gasoline Generator
and a Gasoline Welding Machine.  


Work safety is indispensable in every project therefore in INTERMODUL we have
Lifts to work at heights of up to 37´.

Electric welding machines

Welding equipment is crucial for our firm thus INTERMODUL has more than 30
Electric Welding Machines to work with steel, carbon and stainless steel.
Furthermore we have Cutting Equipment, Polisher, Emery Machines and Electric
Drills of different capacities.

Transport Equipment

At INTERMODUL we have a transport fleet consisting on 12 Pick-up units that
we use to assist the different projects that we run.


INTERMODUL can be defined as a Team of people of great capacity, talent and experience who are bound together by mutual respect and whose common objective is costumer service.
Respect to our customers, including their work methods, objectives, interests and expectations.


Our methods.

Capacity and improving personal and professional.
Establishment of communication and clear objectives.
Respect and recognition of individual capabilities within a framework of collaboration with the teamwork on which our client is a fundamental part.
Communication and feedback with our client.


Our suppliers are a very important part in INTERMODUL: subcontractors, advisors, and raw material and equipment suppliers that have integrated into a Work System based on Quality, Service and Honesty. Along the time close collaboration relations have been established with different suppliers whose services and materials make INTERMODUL a solid and reliable firm.